Just the thought of your partner is still into on his ex is such a devastating situation usually faced by couples in daily basis, what more if this is true. You may feel insecure, despair, angry, and the feeling that you cannot do anything to help your partner forget his past are all ordinary when you think of your partner’s ex. This feeling is worse knowing that lots of newly single persons jump back into the dating scene before they are really ready and simply trying to fill up the empty space of their heart. No woman would ever wish just to be their rebound asset. To know whether your partner is ready to give his love for you then he must have emotional stability. This emotional stability comprise of stability on his heart, mind, and body. Freedom of these three aspects of emotional stability dictates that he is no longer offering the parts of himself to her ex. Let us discuss the possible signs that your partner is not over with his ex.

He commit to another relationship for less than a month. Typically, after the breakup the former lover must have a period of push-pull time. If you are dating a guy just after his breakup then you trapped yourself in the middle of love triangle in his head and in any ways this does not feel good. Moving on takes time for someone to get over on those things. In a serious relationship that comes to its end, some of their hopes and dreams they built together was also lose simultaneously with their relationship. Men usually avoid the grieving process that follows after the breakup.

He constantly brings her up in your conversation. It is normal to talk about your past. However, it is a possible sign that he is still into on his ex if he brings her up whether he talks negative or positive about her. This only indicates that no matter how bad his words against her, the thought of her is still clear on his mind. In addition, if he is totally over on his ex, he will not discuss her unless you ask him about it.

Making her still one of his friends is also a red light. Most believe in clean breaks since it cuts the emotional bonds and feelings of insecurity. Making her as his friends still, talks to her online, or on the phone, or goes out with her then this clearly states that probably he is not over her yet. If he is sincere on his feelings for you then he will consider your feelings when he goes out with some of his girlfriends alone.

Lastly, if after your long time dating yet he does not want or refuses to commit then it only says that he is not over on his ex even. He still hopes that his ex will return thus makes himself open and not committed. Secretly he hopes for the possibility that his ex will change her mind and he wants to be ready if she does. If he is totally into you and not on his ex then he commit on you and openly accept the fact that their relationship is entirely over.

If your love interest is showing one or two of these signs then it is better to find somewhere else. Set him free because he is not yet ready for new commitment and obviously shows that his past relationship is important to him and give him time to move on his own way. Do not give your whole heart to him because you will only end up heartbroken. Keep in mind that this issue always takes time to move on and try to find someone who is totally over with his ex.

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