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So you’ve found this great guy, you’ve been dating for a while and things are getting serious, he is amazing, he is everything you’ve always wanted in a man, he is loving, caring, sweet and to top it all off he is fineee! All your girlfriends are envious and tell you how lucky you are to have such a wonderful guy in your life, you know it too, you know that it is hard to find guys like him in this day and age (even so called Christian guys)

Everything seems to be perfect at the moment and you desperately want this relationship to work out and you are asking yourself HOW DO I KEEP THIS GREAT GUY IN MY LIFE AND NOT MESS IT ALL UP?

Some women have had the privilege of having a good man in their life, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t know how to keep that good man in their life, and even though the guy came into their life with good intentions, they ended up pushing him away because of their bad attitude and behavior.

It isn’t so difficult to keep a good man in your life because a good man already has the intention of staying, unlike “Mr. Player” he doesn’t want to take advantage of you, he actually wants a woman that he can date and then move from dating to courtship and from courtship to marriage and that’s half the battle won because you don’t have to trick him to stay or try and change him to becoming a better man.

He already has a good foundation and his motives are right.However, how you treat this good man, will determine whether he does actually stay or not. No matter how good a guy is, if you frustrate him and make life difficult for him, he will be out the door.

Adopt the following qualities and you will have a better chance of keeping him:

Trust � you have to show a guy that you trust him, you will have often heard that without trust there is no relationship. If a guy hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him then way go through his phone to see who he has been talking to, why call him every minute to find out where he is or who he is with.

A guy might initially put up with this but eventually he will get tired of it even if he has nothing to hide.Just because he has female friends doesn’t mean he is doing anything with them, don’t start making accusations and assumptions when you have no real basis for them.

Space � A man needs his space, while it’s good to want to spend time with your man and want to be with him 24/7, there is a fine line between spending time together and smothering him.

There are times when he might just want to be on his own and enjoy his own company but women often take this as “he doesn’t want to spend time with me” Absence makes the heart grow funder, give him a chance to miss you, don’t be in his face 24/7

Don’t let yourself go � don’t drop your standards now just because you’ve got him, don’t let yourself go just because you now have a man, remember that there were certain things you were doing that got his attention in the first place. Continue to take pride in your appearance and keep on making the effort to look good for him.

Support � Be there for your man, stand by him, let him know that you are there for him, if possible assist him financially if he needs your help (as long as he is not always asking or trying to live off you and take advantage of you) if he has a genuine financial need help him, let him know that he can count on you, that you are willing to contribute and not just take.

Support him emotionally as well, let him feel comfortable with you to the point that he can share his deepest worries with you and even cry in your presence. If your man can cry in front of you, then you know you’ve got him. Let him have your ears because if he doesn’t have your ears, another woman might give him more than just her ears.

Encourage � believe in your man, tell him the qualities and potential you see in him. Let him know you believe in his vision and goals, assist him in whatever way you can to reach those goals. If he is feeling down, lift him up with your words of encouragement, encourage him to never give up hope and let him know that you will always stand by him.

Respect � respect your man, don’t talk to him in a condescending manner, don’t raise your voice at him and embarrass him in the presence of other people especially his family and friends. Watch how you talk to your man because men can be easily offended if they feel like you are challenging their manhood and trying to belittle them. Show him that you respect him and value.

If you are truly with a good guy and relate to him with all these qualities that I have mentioned then trust me when I say he ain�t going anywhere.

But if you are with a guy that has no respect or good intentions for you then I can’t guarantee that this will work � and you deserve someone who qualifies for your time and effort. login
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